Primary Prevention Education for Teen Girls to Mitigate
their Risks of Human Trafficking Victimization

Consultation - Curriculum Development - Training
Rev. Dr. Barbara Jim-George, Consultant
saving lives, one child at a time.


The  human trafficking of children has become such big business in the United States that
it is rivaled only by the weapons and narcotics trades in size, according to the U.S. State Department, and is quickly replacing narcotics as the preferred enterprise of criminals. Contributing factors to this dynamic that can create potential breeding grounds of vulnerability that put youth at risk for victimization include negative influences of broadcast media messages and images, along with on-going social and cultural problems in families, homes, and neighborhoods. Experts estimate that at least a hundred thousand  juveniles are victimized through human trafficking each year in America, and at least 300,000 are at risk.
Human trafficking, as is the case with any economic enterprise, is a matter of supply and demand. While little can be done through communities of faith to affect the demand side, it is hoped that the impact upon the supply of minor children entangled in this criminal enterprise can be reduced through primary prevention education.

What We Do

Dr. Barbara Jim-George consults with faith based organizations to train them in establishing primary prevention education programs for teen girls in their congregations and in the communities surrounding their congregations. 


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